Our Campaign Goals

Amplify Indigenous Voices

For too long, discussions about climate change have sidelined Indigenous voices. As the world’s best conservationists, it’s high time to center Indigenous knowledge and listen to the powerful messages of Indigenous storytellers.

Tangai holding a camera, gesturing broadly
A group of Jupaú on a canoe heading downriver.

Protect Indigenous Land

Indigenous lands often act as a barrier against the destruction of critical ecosystems. By protecting Indigenous territory, we protect our planet against the worst of deforestation and climate change.

Advance Strategic Wins

We are demanding governments enact legislation and provide direct funds to Indigenous communities to protect their lands. We are also demanding that businesses operating in Brazil commit to implementing due diligence mechanisms to ensure deforestation-free supply chains.

Txai Suruí at COP20

Protect Indigenous Land

Support the frontline organizations featured in The Territory as they protect the forest and our future.

Amplify Indigenous voices

A group of people enjoying a screening of The Territory in a Maloca.

Create space for local conversations about our climate crisis by bringing The Territory into your own community.

*Impact screenings are no longer available through this website. The film is available at Disney+

Pass the Mic:

Connect With the Earth Defenders From “The Territory” on Social Media.

We believe in the power of storytelling: Help amplify the powerful messages of Indigenous storytellers.

Advance Strategic Wins

A picture of neidinha and others walking down a field.

Forests in the Amazon and elsewhere are being destroyed at an alarming rate to farm cattle, mining and other predatory activities. Some governments and companies have committed to deforestation-free supply chains, but these are not enough.

Consumers worldwide: Demand deforestation-free products in your supermarkets.

Businesses: Contact us and empower indigenous-led surveillance and monitoring across your supply chains

Policymakers: Vote for deforestation-free supply chains, commit to support a just transition for people everywhere.

A photo of a clearcut section of the Amazon

Historically, Our Existence
Has Been Marginalized and Erased.
Through This Film We’re Changing That.

Bitaté Uru-eu-wau-wau